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Our Clients are...

- Whitehead Mann

- Hardcastle-Burton

- Surrey Arts County





Art2Rent is a simple and straightforward service created by an artist and made for businesses

Can you identify yourself with one of these?

- You want your office environment to be enhanced with a display of works of art you like, but don’t wish to tie up the business capital.

- The pictures you furnished your office with a few years ago look tired and dull and need to be replaced.

- Or maybe you just want to make your visitors feel comfortable in a first class environment.

Either way, Art2Rent can help you to create a warm environment to work in. Art2Rent brings you a selection of works of art / photographs you can purchase or hire, for a minimum of 6 months contract, at a small fraction of the price you would have to pay if you bought them.

Please note that the service is not available outside of the UK.

Art2Rent have a selection of hire options which you can choose from; we hope that one of them will suit your needs; if not, please contact us and let us know what your requirements are. You can view and choose artworks from our webpage.

We also have a range of commission artists / photographers if none of our works suit your environment, who would be happy to help you with your requirements.

How it does it work?

When you have chosen the works of art you want to rent or purchase from Art2Rent, email us and we will send you the terms and conditions and application form, which you can email, fax or post back to us. We will then calculate the cost and send you the quote and contract to sign. After the payment has been completed, we will then deliver the work of art to you.

How much does it cost?

A lot less than you think!

The price of rentals depends upon the retail value of the work of art and the duration of the rental period. A commercial joining fee of £30 is required.

Rentals need to be paid for in full in advance.     

The rental fee does not cover the insurance and delivery or collection of the work(s) of art; these expenses are borne by the client. We offer advice and support if you are unsure.